MtOlive church is a place for your spirit to find rest and inner peace...

MtOlive Staff
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CONTACT us: 903-785-7953 
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3509 County Road 42600
Paris, Texas 75462

Family is at the core of what we do - a church family, the nuclear family. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, makeups and colors. Yours will fit right in.

We have wisdom at Mt. Olive through our Seniors who've lived the years - and energy from our children and teens, with everything in between.

Friendly, comfortable, relaxed - and open armed. Our favorite word is fellowship! We love to "break bread together" in frequent meals and special events. People often have to be pried apart during our greeting time of "hugs and handshakes" on Sunday mornings.

God has given us all grace, as forgiven sinners, and we strive to share that same grace attitude.